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ORGNX Mango Ice 60ml Few tastes are as ethereal as that of ripe, juicy island mangoes that provides the palate with a fresh taste of paradise. And, few brands have managed to convert such flavor into a smooth ejuice quite like ORGNX. Now, they bring us the ultimate treat for vapers who dreams of sitting on a beach and enjoying a refreshing tropical breeze. ORGNX Mango Ice E-Liquids 60ml is bold, nuanced and, most importantly, as natural-tasting as they come. Its cooling menthol finish adds intensity to each pull while relaxing you and making you feel like you’ve dipped your tongue into an ice bath.

At first, the bright, tangy notes of these plump gems emerge on the tip of the tongue, making your mouth water instantly, in ways that you didn’t think could be achieved through vaping. The juiciness soaks into every single taste bud while the sweetness gets more powerful. Then, a calming chill rushes along the mouth, helping you feel like you’ve just had an exhilarating sensory experience.

Mango Ice vape juice from ORGNX comes in a medium-sized bottle with a tropic cloud chasing mix of 70/30 VG/PG.

They’ve collected the most high-quality ingredients to satisfy cravings on a whole new level, and we know that you’ll find their chilly but oh-so fruity rendition nothing short of amazing.

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