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Blood Orange Cactus Cooler Salt by Fruitia Fresh Farms E-Liquid 30ml Review

Blood Orange Cactus Cooler Salt by Fruitia Fresh Farms E-Liquid 30ml is a tropical fusion that is capable of refreshing you when nothing else can. Basically, its magnificence will soothe you all over with the flavors of paradise. Plus, each fruity component vapes so fresh, it should seem as though you’re sipping on a freshly prepared elixir.

Tart cactus exhilarates your palate on the initial inhale. Then, sharp, bright blood oranges unveil those zesty notes that titillate you. Sweetness from the tangerines takes over for a euphoric sensation.

Blood Orange Cactus Cooler Salt vape juice from fruitia fresh farms comes in a small bottle and has a nice and smooth throat hit ratio for some added vaping enjoyment.

Overall, this is one saslt base nicitine E juice that will have those cravings quenched instantly thanks to all that intense citrusy splendor, making it the ideal Fresh farms ADV delight for vapers to add to their collection today.


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