Lean vs Agile: Differences Between Two Top Development Methodologies

Value stream mapping analyzes the development cycle from the time a requirement is received to the time it is delivered to the customer. The goal is to identify the wastes of sitting inventory and waiting lean development process , and explore new practices to reduce Work-in-Progress and lead time. This article introduces the principles, origins of, and differences between Lean and Agile software development methodologies.

More and more organizations are adopting lean software development principles over agile methodologies to gain fast, simple improvements within a short time frame resulting in powerful decision making. One of the healthy ways towards https://globalcloudteam.com/ integral architecture is refactoring. As more features are added to the original code base, the harder it becomes to add further improvements. Refactoring is about keeping simplicity, clarity, minimum number of features in the code.


It even offers excellent tools for managers to plan the team’s workflow. Each person’s capacity is considered, so engineers won’t be overloaded with tasks. Besides, Lean methodologies work great for project management since all documentation is concise and straightforward. This way, the entire workflow becomes much easier to handle and more sustainable in the long run. You need to be able to identify waste and remove it from your process, as well as constantly be looking for ways to improve your workflow and remove bottlenecks. For one, it’s not easy to get everyone on board with the idea of working faster and more efficiently.

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But there are sneakier forms of waste as well, such as premature optimization . Software development team ensures that the focus is always on delivering high quality products. We always keep enhancing our development process to eliminate the project from the first step to the end product.

Is Lean Software Development right for your team?

Not locking into a group of technologies and choices means that the lean methodology is flexible. It allows working with networking components, databases, and frameworks. There will be no problems if an engineer decides to use Spring for some part of the code and Java EE 7 for another. They can do so without hassle, as Lean assumes such liberty is fundamental. Developers will develop more reliable software in the long run. As a result, quality assurance processes will become much easier to handle and maintain.

lean methodology software

Based on these definitions, we can assume that someone who is lean and someone who is agile could have many shared characteristics. Testing Code — Most companies will progress code through a series of testing environments, with each step increasing in similarity to production code. While it may be hard for newcomers to believe, a lot of companies can’t tell you with any clarity what it takes to put a code commit into production.

What is the difference between Lean development and Agile?

Below we explain these principles at work in the practice of value stream mapping. Distilled to its core, Agile is exactly what you think it might be.It’s Agile. The methodology favorsflexibility,communication,collaboration, andsimplicity. They needed different models with different colours and shapes.

  • Just remember that you need to be honest and forthright; optimizing the product development process is only possible when everyone trusts their peers to work together towards the same goal.
  • It was initially called the Toyota Production System since automobile manufacturer Toyota created it to reduce time and resources spent on manufacturing automobiles.
  • Are you tired of sluggish and inefficient software development processes that leave you frustrated and behind schedule?
  • Lean principles encourage customers to get involved at any development step to ensure that they are getting the features that matter the most.
  • This is an approach popularized by Spotify that has been adopted by many Lean organizations as a way to optimize the whole and increase the speed of value delivery.
  • It is worth adding that the business only agrees to pay for the working product.

You can reduce the cost of change by making decisions at the last minute. Delaying decisions until the last possible moment allows you to collect more data and information so you can make the most informed decisions possible. Frequently communicate with other specialists to share knowledge or plan general activities.

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Doing that, you can reduce waiting time and ensure the highest possible efficiency. Tear the boundaries between business and development teams. Build a company culture of trust and empathy – allow team members to express their views and take part in the decision-making processes. Implementing Lean methodology requires building a specific culture within the development team or the entire organization. This involves freely sharing knowledge and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute their opinions and suggestions to the project. One of the goals is to ensure that knowledge is not held by only one person.

In fact, at the time of publishing, the book was sold as the latest publication withinThe Agile Software Development Series. In pursuit of a better model, the creators of Lean and Agile sought to develop methodologies with a morecustomer-focused approach. The new methodologies embraced the ability to adapt as a competitive advantage, favored early and continued testing, and brought a human element into project management and execution.

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Lean Software Development is an agile methodology that focuses on streamlining the innovation process, removing waste, and ultimately producing just what the product requires. The Lean approach in software development must be based on detailed documentation of the developed software. Also, the team must be provided with tools for accurate waste identification in order to eliminate it correctly, which requires the right metrics that will measure muda.

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