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Pack of 5 genuine replacement Geek Vape Boost mesh coils 0.4Ω Ohm.

See also the original version of the Boost 0.4 coil.

Geek has changed the packaging to B0.4 coil and the wattage has changed, very slightly.

Wattage range 25-35W.

Compatible with the following Geek Vape devices/tanks:

  • Aegis Boost
  • Aegis Boost Plus
  • Aegis Hero
  • Aegis Boost Luxury Edition
  • Geekvape Z Nano Tank

The box comes with a hologram and scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Coils in the Geek Vape B Boost series:

  • B0.3 – 0.3Ω Ohm – mesh (30-38W) new coil
  • B0.4 – 0.4Ω Ohm – mesh (25W-33W) used to be called just Boost 0.4
  • B0.6 – 0.6Ω Ohm – mesh (15W-25W) used to be called just Boost 0.6
  • B1.2 – 1.2Ω Ohm – mesh (10-14W) new coil

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